The Music of the Lost Prophets

Lost Prophets were a musical group that specialised in alternative hard rock whose origins are in Wales (the home of cheap car insurance site!). The members were Iian Rubin, Mike Lewis, Stuart Richardson, Ian Watkins, Lee Gaze, and Jamie Oliver. Ian Watkins played the lead singer. Rhythm guitarist was Mike Lewis. Lee Gaze played the role of lead guitarist while the bassist was Stuart Richardson. The drummer was Iian Rubin. Jamie Oliver played several roles including being a backup vocalist, keyboardist and he also did the turntable.

Lost Prophets released several studio albums. Weapons, their final album was released in April 2012. The band has been able to achieve UK Singles Chart 3 Top 10 hits and a single number-one that made it to the Alternative Songs chart. In addition, they have made a couple of Kerrang! Nominations and Awards. They managed to sell over3.5 million albums globally.

The Early Years

The band was formed as “LoztProphetz” in Pontypridd, Wales. It was only later when they went ahead to alter or modify their band name to “Lost Prophets”, something picked after a Duran Duran concert bootleg recording in 1988. They began performing gigs throughout Wales, and eventually they expanded to a position where they could play virtually anywhere across the globe.

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The Music Breakthrough

To eventually get their lucrative record deal that would see them on global musical tours, they first had to make a couple of demo albums. Among the very first they did was “Here Comes….” largely being an experiment geared towards identifying the kind of music they possibly could undertake or not do.

Shortly after this demo recording, they discovered that they could not do rapping or rap songs. Their two subsequent two demos, The Fake Sound of Progress and Paras Todas las Putas Celosas, gave more focus to their rock sound. Lost Prophets brought the demos to Visible Noise (UK), the record label in February 2000. It was “The Fake Sound of Progress” that was to land them their initial record deal.

The First Album

The recording label, Visible Noise, asked them to clean up the songs that made up The Fake Sound of Progress and then use them in creating their very first album. In under 2 weeks, Lost Prophets remodelled the songs for just ₤5,000. The songs contained lots of references to 80s pop culture.

“Shinobi” was for instance, in reference to popular video games like “Shinobi.” Additionally, “Kobrakai”, the song is really a very deliberate misspelling of “Cobra Kai” in “Karate Kid” the extremely popular movie.

The artwork which was done for their Fake Sound album is “VF-1 Valkyrie”, the 1982 anime. In the album booklet, they used a sketch of Vengar taken from “Dungeons and Dragons”, the TV show.

During the period prior to the release of their 2nd album, Lost prophets also served as supporting acts for other more well-known musical bands like Taproot, Linkin Park, and Deftones. They also went in tour with Ozzfest as well as making guest appearances on lots of British TV shows.

The Second Album

On February 17, 2004, Start Something, the Lost Prophet’s 2nd album was released. It was the highly anticipated sophomore album from this band. The songs featured in this album included “Last Train Home”, as well as “Burn, Burn”. Others, you will listen to there is “To H**l We Ride”, as well as “Wake Up”, and “We Still Kill...”

The Controversial “Burn, Burn”

This single which got lots of coverage on numerous TV networks like VH1 and MTV, has been used widely in the countdowns for top video. Some music critics have asserted that the song’s beginning had a close similarity to “Mother Mary” by the band Far, for it to be called their own creation. Others have observed that it strikingly resembles the vocal pattern of “Killer” by Adamski, the vocalist/musician.

The “Last Train Home”

Coming as the 2ndsingle in theStart Something album, this has been rated by critics and charts as being among the leading songs that appear that album. This is the song that also got prominence for featuring in “NFL Street”, the video game “To H**l We Ride” plus in a couple of other popular and trending video games.

The music of Lost Prophets comes to the minds of video game marketers when they are thinking of songs that they can put or use in their video game. “Start Something” got featured in 2006 film “Annapolis” marketing ads. This song managed to achieve a number one position for a full week on the American Modern Rock Tracks chart, adding to the popularity of this hit song.

The 3rd Album

Shortly after finishing their sophomore album, Lost Prophets, started work on their 3rd album named “Liberation Transmission”, recorded in a Hawaii studio. This was a major shift from the direction of their earlier albums, moving from hard rock to what is now known as alternative rock/nu-metal/new wave.

Among the songs that are featuredon the 3rd album from Lost Prophets are “Rooftops”, and “Everyday Combat.” Others, are “The New Transmission”, “A Town Called Hypocrisy”, and “Can’t Catch Tomorrow.”

The Fourth Album

In this album, some of the songs include: “Next Stop Atro City”, “Credible vs. Incredible”, “What Seems ….?”, among a couple others like “The Mourning Reign”, “Save Yourself”, “If It Wasn't For Hate…..”

And Now The Ugly Bit .......

In December of 2012 a bombshell dropped. Ian Watkins was accused of certain serious and detestable offences, which he first denied but finally admitted to. There is no room on here to go into the sordid details (there are plenty available online) but suffice to say that he subsequently received a sentence of 29 years in prison. The damage he did to his young victims is incalculable.

The remaining members went into a state of shock. The cancelled all future tour dates and a year later announced that it was impossible for them to carry on working together as a group.


The media erroneously announced in December 2015 that Lost Prophets had a new single launch “I Knew You …..” delivered to Spotify, the streaming website. However, it came out that the recording was really the original version done by Taylor Swift, the American singer-songwriter. Three days later, the song got pulled down from the site. Truth is that the band had already disbanded following the Ian Watkins scandal.

Lost Prophets was indeed a great band. They are known to have worked hard on each of their albums, making sure it equalled or became greater than the one that came before it. Over time, they managed to create a fan base that was patient, allowing them to patiently work on their albums to bring out songs that were perfect and hence very popular. Without the crimes of Watkins, who knows what the future may have held for them.